The Astrological Mythology Of Ancient India; An Insight

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The Astrological Mythology Of Ancient India; An Insight

The Vedanga astrology is the earliest text about astronomy in the Hindu Vedas. It is the most comprehensive and systematic reference.

There are many Indian astrologers and scholars around the world. They believe Indian horoscopic astrology came from Greek. In comparison, others believe that astrology developed in Hinduism, which is true. An Indian astrologer in Bondi Junction, Australia, says The inherent nature of a planet is considered in predictions. It has been since the emergence of astrology in India. Dasha determines the time and its association with when a promise fructifies.

Astrological Beliefs In Hinduism

Life events depend upon the placement of different lords in different houses. The arrangement and inherent nature of the planets also hold great significance in determining foreseeing events. In classic Vedic astrology, the results are based on the placement of celestial bodies. They are in relation to the moon.

Yogas In Mythical Indian Astrology

In Hindu astrology, there are large accounts of the location of planets in invariant houses. Indian astrologers in Liver Pool suggest a Yoga is the specific disposition of planets responsible for yielding certain results. Thousands of Yogas in the Hindu scriptures are tough to learn. Yet, some basic Yogas, such as Arishta yoga, Raja Yoga, Dhana yoga, etc., use the ownership of houses by the planets.

Horoscopic indications are the result of specific interactions between stars and planets. In Hindu astrology, Nabhasa yoga provides a pattern of a person’s life. Four significant categories come under this planetary configuration. These include Aashraya, Aakriti, Sankhya, and Dala. Indian astrologers in Liver Pool say they all include subcategories. They use it to determine further accuracy. These yogas combine to take precedence. The order and formation of the Nabhasa Yoga remain operative. Then comes Kendra, which is of two kinds- Benefics and malefic. If Benefics are in kendras, a person can yield good results, while Malefics provide opposite results.

Usage Of Numbers In Indian Astrology

The Sankhya Yogas signify the distribution of planets in a person’s horoscope. When the planets get restricted to fewer houses, the force of these planets becomes concentrated. This can create an imbalance. In contrast, a person remains calm when planets remain distributed over houses. He possesses a more excellent range of interests and remains balanced.

What Does Yoga Determine?

An unblemished benefic or an eminent malefic in a specific yoga can make a person millionaire. Countless Indian astrologers in Auburn say that overlap is also found among certain categories. These overlaps can create specific elevations or declines in one’s life. Good and bad results in an individual’s life are made after determining their life’s length. Being born under different yogas also specifies a person’s characteristics, such as nature, beauty, physical features, etc.

Determining Life Span Through Astrology

It sounds impossible. Knowing how long a person will live is possible through Indian astrology, says an Indian astrologer in Bondi junction. The determination of the span of life is a problematic area of astrology. Only a few can master it. Yet, you can’t use it because many scriptures mention different methods with different results. Some of them have more accurate results than others. Most methods use the time between sunrise and birth of a person to calculate their life’s longevity.


Indian Vedic astrology is vast but compelling. Indians have been using this science for years to determine their future life. For many reasons, astrological scientists are still making efforts. Due to its effectiveness, they want to classify the vast knowledge encrypted in Hindu astrology.

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